The Problem

This Problem is a BIG one!

Brewers, Retailers, and Distributors are significantly disconnected from Consumer purchase behavior.

Worldwide, there are billions of daily transactions that are not being captured and utilized. Think about how many existing tap handles that are "dumb," literally pouring beer without capturing any useful information for those who make, market, and sell it.

Imagine trying to forecast production, plan marketing campaigns, or make development decisions based upon a "best estimate"?

Unfortunately, this is the current business state for almost all Brewers, Retailers, and Distributors. Decisions are being made without current and accurate data, putting millions of dollars in jeopardy.


TAPPTEK The Problem.jpg

Accurate Data At A Reasonable Cost

TAPPTEK’s cutting-edge technology transforms existing beer taps into data generating devices that provide essential, real-time, accurate information in an easy to understand format.

Our talented team of industry veterans pulled together an incredible amount of resources to create this first-of-its kind technology that provides invaluable data that directly impacts decisions around inventory levels, supply chain movement, and procurement.

It is a win-win as the more brewers, distributors, or retailers know about their consumers and products, the better chance they have of anticipating their needs in the future.

 TAPPTEK’s smart tap:

  • Requires little to no sell-in from the Brand or Distributor.
  • No new hardware is needed.
  • Operates independently from all retailer networks.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Saves time and money.

Jamie Robinson, CEO, came up with the concept for TAPPTEK after experiencing failure.

I found myself in a pub in Ardmore, Pennsylvania drowning my frustrations in a pint of beer when it happened. I had an epiphany as I stared at a sea of competing beer taps which all looked different but functioned the same. It struck me that since Prohibition there had been virtually no technological innovation in the beer tap. I’m proud to say that today we have created that innovation.