How It Works

Step 1

TAPPTEK’s patented technology captures the moment a beverage (draft, bottle, spirit, wine) or food item is purchased at each location.

Step 2

The purchase pushes digital media to televisions, tabletop tablets, and consumer mobile phones via TAPPTEK's secure cloud.


Step 3

TAPPTEK's campaigns engage patrons in a unique and memorable way.

TAPPTEK’s platform influences and engages the consumer at the point of purchase so brands and restaurant owners can reap the rewards.


  • Improve productivity & reduce activation costs
  • Multiple brand promotions per location
  • Reinforce brand with loyalists
  • Helps acquire new locations
  • Align with cause marketing campaigns
  • Influence the consumer at the point of purchase


  • Upsell tool
  • Impressions are linked to a person within the venue
  • Drives guest engagement
  • Gamifies consumer experience
  • Positions location as being innovative
  • Cause marketing campaigns tied to local charities

*above subject to applicable local laws

benefits for the guest

  • Drink specials and discounts
  • Dynamic and engaging TV programming
  • Loyalty programs (1:1 connection to guests)
  • Support a local charity

Jamie Robinson, CEO, came up with the concept for TAPPTEK after experiencing failure.

I found myself in a pub in Ardmore, Pennsylvania drowning my frustrations in a pint of beer when it happened. I had an epiphany as I stared at a sea of competing beer taps which all looked different but functioned the same. It struck me that since Prohibition there had been virtually no technological innovation in the beer tap. I’m proud to say that today we have created that innovation.

Today, TAPPTEK’s patented technology creates entertaining, engaging, and meaningful experiences for guests at the point of purchase.

TAPPTEK is hiring!

We are looking to grow our teams with professionals who share our mission of creating the best experience for our customers.